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BioProtect Card

This credit card size BioProtect Card is useful for

  1. passive protection against electromagnetic smog. Wearing it on the body eliminates biologically negative effects from electromagnetic waves, such as from mobile phones that are powered on, computer monitors, and more.

  2. active protection against electromagnetic smog. When attached to an electric device, for example, the casing of a PC, the backside of a PC monitor or TV, a microwave oven or the box of the electricity counter in the apartment or house, the BioProtect Card will eliminate electromagnetic smog as well.

Similarly, you can neutralize the electromagnetic smog that is emitted by a mobile phone tower without affecting the tower's functionality. There are specially adapted versions of BioProtect available for this purpose.

BioProtect Card is waterproof. It will not loose its effectiveness through the use. Magnets, high frequency radiation or X-Rays cannot eliminate its effectiveness.

The BioProtect Card costs only 30 €.

BioProtect Handy

This 1.5 x 2.5 centimeter sticker is ideal for neutralizing the electromagnetic smog of mobile phones or wireless home phones. You simply glue the sticker onto the back of the phone or, alternatively, you can put the sticker into the battery compartment of the phone.

BioProtect Handy card costs only 9 €.

If you have not heard of the serious health related problems that can be caused by electromagnetic smog, then have a look here.

BioProtect 400 Card

BioProtect 400 is a larger card (25.5 x 16.2 centimeter) that has similar functionality than the BioProtect Card, but covers a much bigger radius. This card protects against electromagnetic smog an area of around 400 meters. This card may be more suitable for very electro-sensitive persons. See also the Questions and Answers page.

The BioProtect 400 card costs 220 €.


International Recommendations

BioProtect has been successfully tested and recommended by the IIREC (International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility). The sister institute in Israel has also tested BioProtect with similar results.

The BioProtect cards were also tested by the German IGEF (International Association for Research on Electro-Smog Research) in 2009. They have awarded Dr. Grün their seal of approval and fully recommend the use of BioProtect cards.

IGEF Seal deIIREC german

About Dr. Dietrich Grün, M.D., Inventor of BioProtect

D GruenDr. Grün (1940-2014) studied medicine in Munich, Germany. He had his own practice as a doctor and specialized also in natural medicine. From 1998 he was using the system of electro-acupuncture to conduct research in the area of information medicine, revitalization of water, electromagnetic smog, and scalar wave medicine.

In the process of his research he developed neutralization devices, such as the BioProtect cards, for geopathogenic irritation zones and electromagnetic smog.