Golden Ray

How to Use the BioProtect Cards

BioProtect Card

If you wear the BioProtect Card on you, it will absorb any electromagnetic smog from the environment, such as from a mobile phone, computer, WLAN, or the electricity supply in a house.

If the card is placed on a desk, then the protection from mobile or home wireless phone, WLAN or other higher frequency electromagnetic smog is about 15 meters in diameter from the card. The card must, however, be placed horizontally on a flat surface. If the BioProtect Card is carried not more than 5 centimeters away from the body, then it will also have an energetically positive influence on the body. Very sensitive people may feel this influence as being too strong. In this case, it is recommended to wear the BioProtect Card only for a shorter time and then place it somewhere on a flat surface.

If you have put the BioProtect Card aside for a longer period, and you were exposed to electromagnetic smog, then it is enough to touch the card with the fingers for 2 seconds to neutralize that radiation. Figuratively speaking, the BioProtect Card produces a shield against higher frequency longitudinal waves. The shield has the shape of a dome of about 15 meters in diameter. This dome-like shield forms only, if the card is placed on a surface so that the spiral structure inside the card has a reciprocal effect with the earth's gravitational field. The oscillation information that is contained in the color on the back side of the card is effective independently of the orientation of the card, but its effect radius (for lower frequencies, such 50-60 Hz) is just about 5 centimeters. However, this effect can be extended through electrically conducting media to a distance of about 50 meters.

Instead of carrying the card on the body, you can also attach it directly on the devices that create electromagnetic smog, for example on the casing of a PC, on the back of a monitor, on the back or on top of a TV, on the housing of a microwave oven, etc. This is the most simple and secure application. If the housing is made of plastic, and the distance to the parts that carry electricity is getting too big, then you can fixate the card to the mains cable. This will always work and is safe as well.

Electromagnetic smog that comes into the house through the electricity cable from outside can be neutralized, when you place the BioProtect Card on the box of the electricity counter or on the fuse box. All lamps and electrical heating devices will be free from electromagnetic smog. This includes also halogen lamps that have an electronic transformer. An even better solution is to place the card onto the incoming mains power line of the house. With this, you will free additional devices from electromagnetic smog, such as TV sets, PC's, electro-motors, etc. However, to be sure, you should separately take care of the base station of a wireless home phone system, by placing a card underneath it.

BioProtect Handy

Use the BioProtect Handy (1.5 cm x 2.5 cm) for mobile phones and handsets of wireless home phone systems. You either glue the sticker on the backside or, even better, put it into the battery box of the device. As mentioned before, you will have to neutralize also the base station of a wireless home phone system. For this you could also use the BioProtect Handy and glue it near the antenna. If you don't know where the antenna is positioned in the base station, then you could place the sticker on the mains cable of the device or, alternatively place a BioProtect Card under the base station.

By the way, normal plain old phones or ISDN phones also produce electromagnetic smog. But this is not so severe. We recommend to glue a BioProtect Handy sticker onto the handset.

BioProtect Card and Geopathogenic Irritation Zones

If you know that your apartment or house has some geopathogenic irritation zones (this includes water veins and fault lines in the earth), and you know the exact location, then you can neutralize the negative effect within a diameter of about 15 meters. For this you will need to place the BioProtect Card exactly over the zone. Note that if you place the card just a few centimeters away from the zone, then it will loose its effectiveness in this regard. If you don't know exactly where the zone is located, then it is better to carry the card on the body.

BioProtect Card and the Revitalization of Water

If you place the BioProtect Card onto the main water pipeline, or onto the water counter, then all the information that can be damaging will be neutralized and the water will be energetically revitalized. This revitalization corresponds in its strength to some good quality revitalization devices on the market.

Wear and Tear

The BioProtect Card and the BioProtect Handy are waterproof. They will not loose their effectiveness through the use. In addition, magnets, high frequency radiation or X-Rays cannot eliminate their effectiveness. On the other hand, don't leave the cards in the pocket of some trousers, when you clean them using a washing machine and dryer. The cards might get damaged or break. Use your own judgement... :-)