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The Problem

alta tension2Electromagnetic pollution is an omnipresent and increasing environmental problem. Every electrical appliance spreads, voluntarily or not, electromagnetic waves of various kinds. Since there is a multitude of electrical processes happening on the cellular, molecular and inter-cellular level, one suspects that these processes are being influenced by outside electromagnetic fields. That this influence can cause health related problems has become obvious by the enormous amount of health related complaints in connection with mobile phone technology (see the Additional Information page). There are numerous serious scientific research studies, which show the negative biological effects of electromagnetic waves, especially in connection to mobile phone technology.

The problem is actually not new. For many years thousands of medical doctors had voiced their concerns about EMF releated health problems that they have seen in their patients. Already back in 2003 Dr. Warnke from the University of Saarbruecken in Germany had compiled a reference list of 190 scientific studies that were published in peer reviewed scientific journals (see here). Today, there are many more studies available.

Also the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety - ICEMS - had repeatedly raised their concern about EMFs and the risks to human health and asked that Governments take the issue serious (see for example the Venice Resolution 2008).

The SAR value system (which looks only at thermal effects and says that mobile phones are "safe" to use when the SAR value is below a limit) is being more and more considered as "unsuitable" for assessing the risks. Even the European Parliament has stated this criticism back in 2001 (see here - pdf file - for more information on beyond the SAR value). Even if one does not question the SAR value system, the problems abound. The EHT reported that In France the Government was forced to release results on tests for SAR values of modern phones in June 2017. Scientists called this the French phonegate, since radiation levels were found to be much higher than the values reported by the phone manufacturers. These results would apply in other countries as well.

However, many governments and companies may ignore this problem for whatever reasons. We therefore are called to help ourselves in this situation and Dr. Grün's BioProtect product can be considered as one of various steps needed to move in this direction.


Related News:

January 2018: Here is an interesting article that shows how shielding the body from certain EM fields can improve auto immune disease. It cites for this quite a number of recent research studies. Here

December 2017: There is a good documentary available on Youtube on Smart Meters (digital meters that measure the electricity consumption in a house). This goes far beyond measuring electricity consumption. The documentary discusses also the issue of potential health hazards of microwave emissions. Recommended, but form your own opinion. Here.

June 2017: A number of new articles have appeared in the meantime on and other websites. The Environmental Health Trust has put together a Cell Phone FAQ's of frequently asked questions on cell phone radiation. This is a good summary and includes a brief video presentation. The page itself is up for a while already, but we felt to include it here.

May 2016: The National Toxicology Program (NTP) in the USA released a draft of the report of its 2-year cell phone cancer study. The scientists were so concerned about the elevated rates of two types of cancer among exposed rats that they went ahead to go public with their draft report instead of waiting for another year.  In response to this both the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Consumers Reports in the USA shelved their long-held wait-and-see position. They encouraged people to take simple precautions to limit their exposures. However, the mainstream media (such as the Washington Post or New York Times) still keep their sceptical views about EMF health risks.   

May 2015: Sure you must have come across other articles that discuss the problems related to EMF's. Here are two recent ones. Here and here. The first one appeared on Forbes, a mainstream US magazine, while the other article appeared recently in The Telegraph, a British mainstram newspaper.  It is encouraging to see that the attitude in discussing this issue has started to change over the past 3-4 years. More work needs to be done though.

February 2015: France law bans WiFi in daycares and restricts wireless infrastructures. Surprisingly this decision of the French Parliament has hardly been reported outside of France. Here is an article about it in English.

October 2012: Italian Supreme Court Affirms Tumor Risks from Long-Term Use of a Cell Phone. See here.

June 2011: Cancer research experts of the World Health Organisation, the International Agency for Cancer Research - IARC, has announced that there is evidence that there is a possible risk of the development of two types of cancer. Therefore the risk of cancer when using mobile phones cannot be ruled out anymore. A close watch on the risks is necessary. Microwave News provided more information (see here) on the report and said that

"The IARC news was a sensation. Many stories were featured on the front pages of the world's leading newspapers, such as the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the Sydney Morning Herald, Le Monde, and the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph. Within 24 hours of the IARC press conference there were some three thousand stories on Google News and that was only in English. Many of the stories were among the most read and most e-mailed on any number of Internet news sites around the world." Microwave News was asking "What now?" They mentioned that at IARC's press conference the "IARC staff resisted suggesting how people might protect themselves."

Another study from Sweden as reported by ISIS in the UK confirms the risks of using wireless phones, see here.

Following these reports, the Environmental Health Trust in the US reported that top doctors were urging cell phone companies to come clean on health dangers posed by radiation. Please note that this short article is interesting, because it lists also some commonly believed myths and presents the related facts.

May 2011: A council of the European Union examined evidence that the mobile phone and wireless network technologies have potentially harmful effects on humans and concluded that immediate action was required to protect children. They demand a ban of wireless networks and use of mobile phones in schools. See here and  here . The EU council passed a strong worded resolution (number 1815-2011) about the dangers of EMF's. Here is the link to the official EU Council web site and the adopted resolution.


The Radiation Research Trust ( provides a link to a number of short films about the dangers of mobile phones. They can be viewed online here .

man w cell phone
It is evident that people have to take it into their own hands and take measures to minimize the risks and educate themselves of additional protective mechanisms. At least until new types of mobile phones appear and where there is a  broad consensus   that they are entirely safe. However, we think this is unlikely to happen any time soon.


Observations made by Dr. Grün

During the development phase of BioProtect, Dr. Grün conducted electrical measurements on acupuncture points, in order to determine the effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human body. This testing procedure was developed by the German doctor Dr. Reinhold Voll already over 50 years ago (for more details on the testing see also here). It is nowadays known as electro-acupuncture. (Although being widely used in the world, conservative scientists may still not accept it as a valid measurement method.) Significant strain on the body could be shown, even if the tested person is subjectively not aware of it. Electromagnetic pollution coming from mobile phones created a particularly lasting strain. This strain was not observed when BioProtect was attached to the moblie phone.

Additionally. the IIREC in Austria and the IGEF in Germany conducted their own tests on the effects of BioProtect. Their results lead them to fully recommend BioProtect cards.