Golden Ray

The Solution

Since it was possible to determine the type and strength of the electromagnetic pollution by making measurements on the acupuncture system (see also the Tests page), it became clear that one could use the same method in order to find ways to prevent the negative effects of the electromagnetic fields. Dr. Grün took such an approach, and applied it practically in his BioProtect cards.

Some years ago two separate institutes have made independent test on the BioProtect cards and confirmed a stabilizing and protective effect. BioProtect was extensibly and successfully tested by the IIREC (International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility). See the IIREC Report 28.8.2007 (26 pages, in German, PDF, 4.7 MB). IIREC's sister institute in Israel has also conducted a number of tests on BioProtect with similar results (IIREC Report 25.1.2007, 8 pages, English, PDF, 1.4 MB). The IIREC has been fully recommending the use of BioProtect cards.

The IGEF (International Association for Electrosmog Research), which is a renowned testing and training institute in Germany, has conducted in April 2009 a series of tests with the BioProtect cards. They conducted a number of biophysical tests and also looked at the changes occurring with red blood cells. A short summary page of the effects on red blood cells is here (English, JPG, 1 page, 482Kb).

The IGEF comes to the conclusion that the BioProtect cards have fully passed their requirements and that they recommend the use of BioProtect to protect against the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution from electric devices and geological irritation zones. For more details on their tests and the results see the IGEF Study on BioProtect 2009, 48 pages, German, PDF, 1.6 MB.You can find a translated summary of the report here (English, PDF, 3 pages, 70 Kb).

More on Dr.Grün's Solution Approach

It turned out that electromagnetic waves consist of two types of waves. The first are the transversal waves. They oscillate horizontally to its vector of expansion, like a wave on the water surface that is going up and down, while it is spreading horizontally. This type of wave is the only one used in today's technology, and it is the only one detected by current measuring devices.

Tesla 1In addition, there is the longitudinal wave. This wave is oscillating, like the sound waves, along its vector of expansion. It is also known as "scalar wave" or "Tesla wave". Nicola Tesla had discovered this wave over a hundred years ago. Already in his time its nature was not fully understood and then simply ignored, because it could not be detected with the field measuring devices. Contrary to the transversal wave, it creates significant biological effects, which can be measured with biological evaluation procedures, for example with electro-acupuncture, but also by observing the growth of cell cultures or the changes in EEG patterns of the brain waves. We are calling these biological effects of the longitudinal waves "electromagnetic smog".

Longitudinal waves possess other physical properties than the transversal waves. These properties have been discovered by Nicola Tesla over a hundred years ago, and Professor Konstantin Meyl has formulated a formal theory of these waves in recent years. One can screen for longitudinal waves with the help of their special properties without affecting the transversal wave. Following is one such property which was already proven experimentally by Tesla at around 1880.

If one tunes a receiver of longitudinal waves to be in good resonance with these waves, then it absorbs the entire transmitted energy, while other less capable receivers in the environment will be ignored. Biological organisms are considered to react like receivers. They react already to extremely weak energy transmissions, which can be as a low as 1/20'000 of the transmitted energy of a mobile phone.

productsThe solution is to place in close proximity a stronger resonator for longitudinal waves than the human body. With the help of electro-acupuncture measurements, Dr. Grün found several principles that show how longitudinal waves can be absorbed. One principle consists of a spiral structure, which was already used by Tesla in a similar way. He used, in his experiments with longitudinal waves, flat coils, in which wire was wound in a spiral way. In a second principle, a simple patentable technical process is used and applied to crystalline materials, such as quartz, and quasi-crystalline materials, such as water. This second principle, in the form of a colored enamel, is added to a foil. Using the two principles significantly strengthens the effect of the BioProtect cards.

Using a specially colored enamel can neutralize electromagnetic smog only when the treated surface is placed not further away than 2 centimeters from the skin of a person. However, the distance, or the radius, where the neutralization effect can occur, is enlarged up to 7.5 meters, by combining the two principles in the BioProtect Card. Dr. Grün could extend the effect in some other bigger product variants to significantly bigger distances.

During his research, Dr. Grün, made some additional observation. He found that his process to show the presence of longitudinal waves could also be applied to water veins or geological irritation zones. This means that the radiation coming from these disturbances must be of the same nature as the longitudinal waves that create electromagnetic smog. This is why one can effectively neutralize disturbances coming from these irritation zones by using the
BioProtect Card.