Golden Ray

Appendix 1:  Some Characteristics of Longitudinal Waves

One of the characteristics of the longitudinal waves is, according to Professor Konstantin Meyl, that a Faraday cage cannot filter them out like it would with transversal waves. Dr. Grün could confirm this in his experiments. If one takes a water sample and puts it into a Faraday cage – for example, a small bottle filled with water and completely wrapped in with some aluminium foil – and exposes it to the radiation of a mobile phone or some or other source of electromagnetic smog, then this water will significantly change its bioenergetical quality. In fact, it will change its quality much more than without the Faraday cage. One can easily measure this change with the electro-acupuncture method and also determine its relative strength. The strength of irradiation is reduced linearly to the distance of the source of radiation. This phenomenon disappears, however, if one attaches a neutralization device on the mobile phone, such as BioProtect. The negative charge in the water disappears as well when using a neutralization device, while the mobile phone is in communication state to another caller. The negative effect on the acupuncture system will also not appear, and last but not least, health complaints, which appeared before when using a mobile phone, did not show any longer as well.

Similarly, other neutralization devices could also produce the same effect with the water sample in a Faraday cage. This means, that all such devices are working on the principle of eliminating or neutralizing the effect of longitudinal waves. The method of measuring a water sample, which is in a Faraday cage, is so sensitive that you can even detect changes, when there is a mobile phone transmitter about 2 kilometers away. This is why Dr. Grün performed most of his tests on electromagnetic pollution using this method.

Using this method – water samples in a Faraday cage – one can detect also measurement values over water veins and geopathogenic irritation zones. So called power points, such as Celtic power points and pilgrimage churches also give detectable results, even when one neutralizes beforehand any possible electromagnetic pollution that came from mobile phones. One can assume that the known irritation zones in the ground also contain longitudinal waves. Placing a neutralization device on top of such a zone will make the negative effect, which previously showed up on the acupuncture system, disappear. The perimeter of neutralization depends on the type of device. Hartmann and Curry grids will not be affect by this method.

Following is another characteristics of longitudinal waves. Nicola Tesla has done a demonstration in Colorado Springs in the USA in 1880. He set up a 10 Kilowatt transmitter of longitudinal waves. About 40 kilometers away he placed a receiver on a hill and, similar to a radio, tuned it so that it was set in resonance with the transmitter. After the receiver was put into resonance, it was able to receive the 10 Kilowatt transmission and power a series of light bulbs. A very strange phenomenon occurred with the cows and horses in the environment: they showed a completely abnormal behaviour, which disappeared only, once the receiver was set to resonate and absorb the full amount of the transmission energy. One could ask here, what is happening to us humans, who are exposed everywhere to longitudinal waves, even though the intensity is less than in Nicola Tesla's historic experiment.

Dr. Grün could confirm this mechanism that a resonator for longitudinal waves absorbs all of these waves in a perimeter and therefore prevents that they are being absorbed by other resonators, such as the cows and horses in the above example. He observed this repeatedly in the development process of BioProtect and also with other neutralization devices of electromagnetic pollution. This mechanism of a stronger absorbing device is essential, when one wants to understand the functioning of BioProtect. A series of observations made in experiments demonstrates this:

a) Take a bigger piece of carton and paint on one side the specially activated colour that is used in BioProtect. Then put the carton up in vertical position at about 100 meters distance to a mobile phone transmitting tower. One will see that one cannot detect any electromagnetic smog directly behind the carton any more. If one makes a measurement closely to the edges of the carton, but just outside the protection shadow, then one detects already a drastically reduced intensity of longitudinal waves. It seems, as if the protective paint is attracting longitudinal waves and thereby creates a reduced level of intensity around the edges of the carton.

b) If one places a BioProtect Card flat on the floor at about 100 meters distance to the mobile phone transmitting tower, then one will also find a protective perimeter around the card. The protective zone is in the form of a dome and reaches 15 meters away from the card, also towards the transmitting tower. Dr. Grün could also observe this effect with a competing product, which has a protective perimeter of 15 meters, but the shape of the zone was in the form of a cone.

c) Electro-sensitive persons apparently have a much stronger affinity to longitudinal waves. This can have as a consequence that a neutralization device does not seem to produce any effect; it is too weak. Some observation could confirm this stronger affinity. A strongly electro-sensitive mother and her daughter, who is also strongly electro-sensitive, are going for walks together. When there is a mobile phone transmitting tower nearby, then the mother feels some physical discomforts, while the daughter seemingly does not feel anything. However, if the daughter is alone and happens to be nearby such a tower, then she feels the physical discomforts as well. This means that the body of the mother, being a stronger resonator for longitudinal waves, is absorbing these waves to such a degree that the daughter is not troubled any more. A consequence from this is to develop devices that have as much as possible a strong affinity to longitudinal waves, for example to those emitted by mobile phones.

The strength of the affinity or ability to resonate with longitudinal waves can be easily estimated by the size of the protective perimeter of a device. Dr. Grün succeeded in developing BioProtect versions that have an effect radius of up to several kilometres. Tesla could easily master a distance of over 40 kilometers at his time in 1880. In order to solve the problem of electro-sensitivity effectively, one will need to consider, however, additional measures, especially the decontamination of heavy metals.

Another characteristics of longitudinal waves is, that they are transported very well through electrically conducting media. As a consequence, one can place a neutralization device, such as BioProtect, on the main power line of a house and neutralize the electromagnetic smog of any connected devices, such as TV sets, computers, vacuum cleaner, etc. There is also an effect backwards in the mains power line up to about 50 meters, so that the neighbours might also benefit from electricity that is free from electromagnetic pollution. However, as a precautionary means, one should still neutralize additionally the base station of a wireless home phone.